This years Braufest is all about women and their strong skills. So it is a no brainer that our Festival Beer 2016 Swit&Saultry – a salted wit beer – is brewed by five female brewers from Berlin:

Cristal Jane Peck (Biologist, Brewer, Bierlieb)

Tiffany Herrington (Brewer, Berlin Beer Week)

Veronica Menzel (Brewer, BRLO)

Christina Saez (Brewer, Pirate Brew)

Karin Naß (Brewer, Hops and Barley)

Cristal     Tiffany

Cristina     Karin

Swit&Saultry is a salted wit beer which is a spruced up rendition of a classic Belgian Wit which finds its autumnal orange hue owing to the generous addition of rhubarb and mixed berries. Pale, cloudy and unfiltered, the addition of wheat malt and oats creates a soft, crisp mouth feel, heightened by the lively carbonation and prickly rhubarb driven tart finish. Salted lightly with pink Himalayan salts, this delicate and complex wit is our homage to the maverick females who are rediscovering the lost brewing skills of our pioneer women brewers.

Drop by and try our amazing Swit&Saultry at Braufest Berlin 2016.



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